Changing the HTTP cookie name in Tomcat

Description of the problem

To avoid conflicts, it is recommended that you change the name of the HTTP session cookie in Tomcat if SECollab and IBM Rational Team Concert CCM (CCM) are installed on the same Apache Tomcat application server, or if they are behind the same reverse proxy, such as IBM HTTP Server (IHS).

If you install SECollab in the same Tomcat application server or the application is behind the same reverse proxy, you might encounter problems when creating links. This is related to the fact that SECollab and CCM use the same JSESSIONID cookie in HTTP session management. In some cases, the session cookie can be reset by one of the tools and disrupt the normal operation of the application. To resolve this issue, you must change the session management cookie name.

The attribute sessionCookieName is the name of all session cookies used in this context. If it is specified, it will override any name proposed by the application. If it is not specified, the name entered by the application will be used, by default the JSESSIONID.

For more information about Apache Tomcat, go to Common_Attributes.

Resolution Procedure

  1. Stop the Tomcat server
  2. Create the file<jazz_install>/server/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/secollab.xml
  3. Declare yourContext by giving a specific value to its attributesessionCookieName.
    Once the context parameters have been filled in as described in section Configuring the context parameters, your secollab.xml file will look like this :
    <Context sessionCookieName="SECOLLABSESSIONID">
        <Parameter name="mdw.license" value="@myLicenseServer"/>
        <Parameter name="mdw.server.workspace" value="c:\secollab\workspace"/>
    (The session cookie name here is selected randomly).
  4. Depending on the configuration of Tomcat, it may be necessary to restart the Tomcat server.