Consulting a resource

Each item published in Zenio is uniquely identified using a Unique Resource Identifier (URI). You can provide this unique address to another member of the project to point to a particular item, for example.

Properties of a resource

The page of a resource displays several areas:

Preview of a linked resource

Each resource linked to the main resource is presented with a hyperlink to navigate to that linked resource. When you hover over the hyperlink, a window displays a preview of the referenced resource. This allows you to view the main properties of this resource without having to navigate to the dedicated page.

Viewing a Diagram

In the case where the resource is a diagram, the main part of the page displays the diagram image. You can change the zoom used to display the image.

Note that a button on the toolbar hides the zone on the right hand side of the page. This function is especially useful in case you want to save space to display the image of a large sized chart.

The diagram image displays graphic shapes that represent elements of the models. These shapes are highlighted when you hover the mouse over them. You can select a graphic form displayed in the diagram. In this case, the Properties, Links and Comments boxes display the information for the selected resource rather than the information in the diagram.

A drop-down menu is available on the graphic forms of the diagram:

Exploring the graph of a resource

It is possible to display the links of the resource as a graph. For more information, see the section Exploring a resource graph.

Generating a report on a resource

Via the Report button, it is possible to produce a report document on the current resource. For more detailed information, see the section Generating a report.