Setting up communication between servers

After the application is installed and configured, the administrator can configure friend applications, such as IBM ™ Rational Team Concert CCM (CCM) so that it can consume the services provided by SECollab and vice versa.

Friends (Outbound)

  1. Browse to the CCM Application Administration Screen at (this may require authenticating with CCM).
  2. Click on Friends (Outbound) on the CCM Application Administration Screen.
  3. Enter a name to identify this entry in the friend's list
  4. Enter the path to the Rootservices for the server you want to add as a friend.
  5. Enter an OAuth Secret, a code phrase to be associated with the new OAuth consumer key from the friend server.
  6. Re-type your code phrase to help prevent typos.
  7. Click on the button Create a Friend this newly added outbound Friend.
  8. Click on Next in the CCM Add Friend Success Frame and proceed to the Authorize Provisional Key dialog.
  9. Click on “Allow” to complete the registration of the Friend.
  10. You will find this new Friend in the Consumers panel of your SECollab Administration interface.

Consumers (Inbound)

Now that CCM recognizes SECollab as a friend OSLC Provider, one needs to configure the reverse link enabling SECollab to recognize CCM as a Friend OSLC provider. To do this, you must add an OAuth consumer. An OAuth consumer is the means for a third-party application to send queries to CCM on behalf of an identified user.

  1. Browse to the CCM Application Administration Screen at
  2. Click on Consumers (Inbound) and register a new consumer with a Name, a Secret.
  3. Click Save and the consumer key is generated automatically by the server.
  4. Go to the page and click on the tabFriends.
  5. Enter the address of the CCM server and its rootservices (e.g., as well as the keys and secrets previously chosen.
  6. Click on Add a Friend then press the Save button.

This completes the implementation of communication between the servers.