Managing notifications

SECollab provides a notification system that is configured for each individual project. Users with the appropriate permission can manage its configuration via the project administration.

To create a new notification for your project :

  1. In the project administration, access the Notifications tab.
  2. Create a new notification from the list menu and fill the title and description,
  3. Choose a trigger for the notification :
  4. Choose an action to execute :
  5. The template for the email can be edited and automatic fields can be used.
  6. When the notification is saved, every existing resource that would have activated the trigger will send the corresponding notifications. Disabling the notification template prevents notifications from occurring.

To make sure that the mails are sent to the contributors an administrator must have configured the email settings in the SECollab administration.

Note: a mechanism prevents users from receiving notifications they are responsible of. Updating one's own comment does not trigger any email.

Notifications can be applied to other projects by leveraging the Component Templates.