Testing the Publisher

As you develop the publisher wizard and operations, it is recommended to regularly launch the publisher from your Eclipse workspace to verify your progress.

To launch the publisher from Eclipse:

  1. Click Run > Run Configurations...
  2. Select the Eclipse Application configuration type and right-click New.
  3. Enter a name for the created launch configuration, e.g. SECollab Publisher
  4. In the Program to Run group, click Run an application and select com.sodius.mdw.clm.client.publisher
  5. Click Run.

To test a publisher while it is developed, you are recommended to use the option to publish into a local file in the publisher wizard. The publish operation produces a zip file which contains an XML file and binary files for medias. You may review the content of the produced XML file to ensure it contains the data you expected. Once data looks consistent and correctly in place, you are invited to import the published zip file in the SECollab web application.

If you have the appropriate MDWorkbench Platform license, you may inspect the content of the data being published using the MDWorkbench Model Editor:

  1. Click Window > Show View > Other... and click MDWorkbench > Models.
  2. In the Models view, right-click Open Model... on the SECollab Publish node.
  3. Select the Zip model reader type, enter the file path of the published zip file and click Finish.

The MDWorkbench Model Editor enables inspecting resources, properties and links of the published data.