Installing the Publisher Sample

A publisher sample is made available as a Git repository for the developer to understand how to architect a publisher:

You are recommended to install this sample in your development environment. It will ease the understanding of the rest of this documentation, as all tasks described here are implemented in the sample.

Here are the steps to install the sample in your Eclipse platform:

  1. In a web browser:
    1. Navigate to
    2. In the Bitbucket web page of the SECollab Snippets repository, click the Clone button at the top right of the screen.
    3. Copy the location of the repository to your clipboard: git clone
      • You may prefer using the HTTPS url and, in such case, switch from SSH to HTTPS in the pop-up window's upper right corner.
  2. In your Eclipse development environment:
    1. Click Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other..., select Git and click Open.
    2. In the Git Repositories view, right-click Paste Repository Path or URI....
    3. A Clone Git Repository dialog should open and have the SECollab repository location set a URI location field. Follow the Git procedure to complete the cloning.
    4. In the Local Destination page of this wizard, you are recommended to turn on the Import all existing Eclipse projects after clone finishes, to have the sample source code in your Java perspective when the clone is completed

At this end of these steps, your Eclipse Java perspective should contain a com.sodius.mdw.clm.client.tool.sample project.

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