Implementing the Views Creation

A property view defines for a specific type how corresponding resources are displayed. All resources of the same type are displayed in the same way. The PropertyView defines which set of properties is displayed and how they are organized.

Here are the recommended steps to implement the operation:

  1. Create a PropertyView for each Type

    A PropertyView must contain at least one group. It shall display the standard OSLC properties, like title and created. Some standard OSLC properties may not be displayed if they are known to be unused by the publisher, for example the description property.

    PropertyView are owned by the Design instance and referenced by Types. It enables sharing a PropertyView by multiple types having the same set of properties for example.

  2. Create a preview for each Type

    A preview is a PropertyView instance that is the overview representation of a resource when displaying a link to this resource, when the user's mouse lingers over the link. A preview generally contains less properties than the full detailed representation of the resource. The properties displayed there are the ones that give context for a user to understand which resource is being linked.

    You may reference the same PropertyView instance for the full representation and for the preview, for cases where the type defines a very limited set of properties.

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