Implementing the Resources Creation

Resources are representation of the authoring data in the design. A resource may represent either a requirement or an architecture management artifact.

Publishing into SECollab implies projecting authoring tool data into a collection of OSLC resources. As a publisher implementor, you need to determine what makes sense to create as resources regarding your authoring tool. Not all data is required to be published. You are recommended to publish what is relevant for use cases like collaborative reviews and traceability, and more generally to anything that can help users to understand the content of what is published. Some authoring tool data may be very technical and useless in SECollab, in which case the publisher shall ignore it. You also have the option to combine a set of detailed authoring tool data and project it as a text attribute on the owning resource.

Here are the recommended steps to implement the operation:

  1. Create Type resources

    Create a Type instance for each different type of authoring tool resources to publish. Only create a Type if there's at least one resource of that type to publish.

    A Type requires some attributes to be set:

  2. Create Properties on Types

    The Type also defines the available properties that can be used on resources of that type. Properties can either be primitive attributes or references to other resources.

    A Property requires some attributes to be set:

    Additional attributes can be used for ResourceProperty instances:

  3. Create an Icon for each type of resource

    Create a Media instance to declare an icon used to represents a set of resources. The icon must be a 16x16 image and is associated to the resource's title when presenting a link to this resource. It is generally recommended to use the same icon for resources of the same type, though it is possible to assign a specific icon to an individual resource. It is also possible to use the same icon for resources of different types, if that makes sense.

  4. Create Resources

    Create a Resource for each authoring tool data you want to publish. A Resource is either one of those types: AMResource, Diagram, Requirement or RequirementCollection.

    A Resource requires some attributes to be set:

    Assign values to the created Resources for each property declared on the Type. The resource type may define properties for which there is no value set for a particular resource, in which case as a publisher implementor you are invited not to create a ResourceValue.

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