Implementing the Design Creation

Here are the recommended steps to implement the operation:

  1. Create a Design resource

    The Design is the central concept of the Publisher model. There must be one and only one Design instance in the published model.

  2. Create a Tool resource

    The tool declares the RDF namespace of the authoring tool and the OSLC domains used:

  3. Create Design documents

    The documents are the main resources of the Design. Document creation is usually implemented in a dedicated operation (e.g. CreateDesignDocuments)

  4. Resolve Mapping References

    If an MDAccess component was used to read authoring tool data, a Mapping was also created to pair the input model to the Publisher model. In this case, operations can register references to build in the Publisher model once input elements have corresponding Publisher resources.

    This step is realized by running the operation created with a call to getMapping().getReferences().createBuilder(). This operation creates all registered references in the Publisher model, assuming all Publisher resources are created and links can now also be created between resources.

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