Deploying the Publisher

Once you have developed and tested your plug-in within Eclipse, you can deploy the plug-in for production usage, so that it gets integrated into a SECollab Publisher application.

Here are the steps to deploy the plug-in

  1. Click File > Export... and select Deployable plug-ins and fragments.
  2. Select the plug-in you created.
  3. Enter a Directory where to deploy the plug-in. The selected directory must be the base directory of the SECollab Publisher application (which contains the SECollabPublisher.exe file).
  4. Click Finish.

This wizard creates a .jar file which holds all your plug-in files. The jar file is created in the <SECollab_Publisher_Directory>/plugins directory.

The last step is to start the SECollab Publisher application and verify the new contributed publisher is available in the list of authoring tools the user can select in the wizard page.