Understanding the Migration Tool

The migration tool is a packaged application. It is a executable fully contained in a zip file to be launched.

When initially launched it will request you to provide a license file.

Please use the license file provided by the SodiusWillert team.

Once operational with a license, an application will present itself with Services and a Report section.

The Services are the tools the migration engineer launches.

Each Service will present a set of forms to provide information necessary for a migration. These services are described in the following document.

Each service based on function will vary, but the core of a migration event will require:

The standard output of a migration event will result in:

The Report section provides a hierarchical log of the migration activities. This can be useful to review the steps performed on the migration as well as identify the duration it took to perform the task.

Also, the console view will provide a more detailed log of transactions performed when performing the migration.