Reviewing the Results

The migration provides multiple ways to review the results of the migration.

The tree and logs referenced above will provide insight into what has occurred in the migration. However, the most valuable is to perform the inspection directly in DOORS Next. All of the migrations of the modules occur in their own changesets. Simply navigate to the DOORS Next Project and Component. From here you can switch context to changeset to view the results of the migration.

In the Changeset you can observe the newly created module

The goal is to review the contents in the changeset to assess that the migration happened as desired. For example in the OLEModule we can observe the hierarchy and the OLE diagrams in DOORS Next.

Once you agree with the contents, you can deliver the changeset to confirm this was a valid migration of the module. This can be done manually and incrementally (via the standard DOORS Next deliver changeset option), or if all changeset look good you can use the Perform Migration Changeset Delivery utility.

Once you deliver all changesets you can check the status. You will see the status to show the changesets committed.

And within DOORS Next we can now see the migrated modules in the stream.

Incrementally review each of the Modules to confirm content. Deliver the changesets for the module migrations that are valid. If you discard, a changeset you will need to restart the migration for that module. See the Advanced section for those behaviors.