Expectations in DOORS

To map from DOORS there is desire of a minimal set of requirements.

To support mapping to a DOORS Next Requirement type, there is a need for a DOORS Attribute that is defining the type for the requirement. This is very typical, and an example would be the following DOORS content that has a Requirement Type field. This field can then be used to select the Requirement type in DOORS Next.

To support the mapping to a DOORS Next Module type, there is a need for a DOORS Module Attribute that can be mapped to a DOORS Next Type. While DOORS doesn’t have types of Modules, it was often the case a template was used or referenced. In this case, the template type can be used to point to a new DOORS Next Module type.

The tool is robust to the absence of values in these fields, but it will default to a single type if that is absent. (Next section)