Checking your Mapping

To verify that your configuration is solid, you can execute the Basic PreMigration Checks for DOORS service. It is intended as a first run of your migration without making any changes in the DOORS Next target system. Effectively it performs a set of operations from checking that the target location exists, that mappings are effectively performed, and connectivity to the both the DOORS and DOORS Next systems can be established.

Warnings will identify areas of potential improvement in your mappings. Errors will identify significant issues in executing a migration and must be resolved.

A clean mapping check for a module will look similar to the following in the tree.

When looking at the logs the following details would warn of potential mapping issues that could be better handled in the mappings.

   	INFO  [Worker-92] Preflight checks for object : 7 
	WARN  [Worker-92] Defaulting type to System Requirement 
	WARN  [Worker-92] Unable to map enumeration value Feature Functional 
	WARN  [Worker-92] Unable to map any enumeration Requirement Type with mapped value(s) of Feature

See the log section later in this document to identify conventions and understanding that can be extracted from the logs.

It is not necessary to resolve all warnings prior to a migration. However, the warnings can suggest how to improve the mapping or that your source data is inconsistent.