Creating Links

Links can only be created to committed objects. Our goal in a migration is to update as many links as possible. In our XMI file we store all the links that need to be created and the target, and type, of the link. Each linking session works as an update where all links that are created are removed from the log, and all items that were not completed will be available to execute again to attempt to link to support incremental migrations.

Links are created in changeset on a component basis. The changeset is both created and delivered automatically since there is nothing to review.

To perform a Link, execute use the Perform (Re)Linking of Migration service.

Provide the ELM Login Details as with the other operations. On Migration Configuration page, provide the XMI file of the completed migration.

On Output Directory Page, provide a directory for the updated migration XMI file.

And Finish.

It will provide updates as it is updating links in each module

The tree will update on the actions performed and what links were created.

Prior to Linking.

Post Linking.

Linking will take place across modules and across components. The visibility of the links will depend on whether the components exist in your currently view global configuration.

Note: Retain the new XMI file because this is now your currently updated status for links.