Configure the Migration

Before running the sample migration, make sure to add the following lines to the doors2dng.ini file:


It is required to configure the input to where in DOORS that you have placed the sample data. Open /example/DOORS-Car-in.xls and update the path location on the MigrationUnits tab.

Once this is done, execute the Create configuration from DOORS service.

The input is your source xls, your output should be DOORS-Car-out.xls. Open it.

You need to update two tabs.

For the ModuleList tab, update the Component Name and the Project Name to the DOORS Next targets where you want to put the module.

For the ComponentList tab, update the Project Name and Component Name to what you had on the previous tab. Update the Starting Stream to the existing stream you have in your project that you want to create a ChangeSet on.

This completes the configuration for the sample data. Save this as DOORS-Car-target.xls.